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assalamualaikum .5.48 AM .haha .tak boleh tido .sebab malam tadi .sakit kepala .9.3o dah tidur .kita tunggu awak ,awak tak text pun .takpe lah .kita pun takda kredid dah :') okayhh ,sumpah bosan layan fb sorang-2 .twitter sorang-2 .orang hot je yg setiap kali online ,ada je IM .kbye :|

hurr .okayh ,title tak menahan ye .mohon berjiwang amende ? haha :D saje je nak post ayat-2 cinta .ececeeeh :p

-love begins with a smile ,grows with a kiss ,and ends with a teardrop
-loving you hard to regret ,losing you hard to accept
-true love doesn't come by finding the perfect person ,but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly
-my heart was taken by you ,broken by you ,and now it's in pieces because of you
-i love to walk in the rain cause nobody know that i'm crying
-i still love you even you was break my heart
-someday you'll know that i was the one for you
-please don't lie to me and say everythings alright
-i'm cry not because i'm weak ,it's because i have been strong for too long
-you hurt me ,but i still love you
-true love never dies ,it only gets stronger with time
-you had me at hello ,you hurt me at goodbye ,but you lost me the day you didn't look back
-i wish i could forget you like i forget everythin i've studied seconds before an exam
-love is not blind ,it sees more ,not less .but because it sees more it is willing to see less
-you don't know how much it's hurt that you don't feel the same
-i feel like i need everyone more than they need me
-a true love story never ends
-i was falling in love ,but now i'm only falling apart
-now my heart is having to fight to let him go
-i miss you ,the old you .the new one sucks
-i'm tired being just a friend .i want more ,i wanna be yours
-everything i've loved ,became everything i lost
-my heart longs for you ,my soul dies for you ,my eyes cry for you ,my empty arms reach out for you
-when you lose someone you love ,you never get over it
-past is past .just move on ,and turn the page
-he makes me smile without eveen trying .if i said i didn't feel anything i'd be lying
-to love is nothing ,to be loved is something ,to love and be loved is everything
-don't cry because it's over ,smile because it happened
-if you smile when no one is around ,you really mean it
-i'll spend forver wondering if you knew
-by loving me ,you are teaching me how to love my self
-i want to be the only hand you ever need to hold
-if you love someone ,let him go .if he comes back .he's your .if he doesn't ,it never was
-i promise someday you'll regret losing me and you'll think back and say 'damn ! that girl really did love me
-our love is here to stay
-you are and always have been my dream
-nothing is the same without you ,i miss you
-i still miss him ,i really hate that
-love me or hate me i'm still gonna shine
-have you ever loved someone so much .it hurts like hell
-when i said i loved you i meant forever
-if loving you is wrong ,then i dont want to be right
-i'll always love you .in life and after
-i love you more than words
-never ask why i love you ,just accept what i do ,and that i'll do for the rest of my life
-just wanted you to know that i love you more and more each day
-you make my heart stop bet
-i can't hate you wherever you do because i really love you
-i love you more than you think
-i love you very much and nothing can change my love fot you
-you are truly wonderful
-just wanted to tell that you are my one and only
-words begin with abc ,numbers begin with 123  ,music begin with doremi ,and love begins with you and me
-you accepted me the way i am ,and i admire you for that
-i love you more than yesterday
-thinking about you in special way
-you're perfect ,i love every single thing about you
-you are my heart ,and you are my remote control
-we loved with a love that was more than love
-love is a decison ,not an emotion
-i'm not gonna give a fcuk anymore .if you hurt me ,i'm gonna hurt you .that's how it's gonna be from now on  when i see you smile
-you only love her because you fear that she just might be the only one that will  ever love you
-the only thing worse than a broken heart is knowing you'd give her another chance
-i haven't been around but that doesn't mean i stopped loving you

kepenatan weyh ,sumber daripada otak sendiri plus google .haha :D ada 66 jenis ,sebab dah 6 hari breakoff .kbye ,

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