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myra ,just be your self kay babyy :'(
Monday, December 19, 2011 | 6:23 PM | 0 comment

assalamualaikum .hello peeps .hee .my blogg ,awesome kan ? haha .isi bakul angkat sendiri .hmm .hari ney i just termenung ja .you know what ,i was using new num .the reason is ,i miss him so much .setiap hari tunggu dia text .haha :D *padahal baru hari ney tak text .err .

nope nope .i'm trying to forget him ,ada perempuan minat dia .ajak dia couple .lagipun perempuan tu ada ciri ciri yang dia nak ,pakai tudung .etc .i can't accept this .brr :| i dah janji dengan dia tahu ,1.1.12 nanti ,tapi .i'm swear ,i need him ryte now .i really really really need him .

but ,at the same time ,i just want him to be happy ,i don't want to make him cried for me anymore .i've told him ,to accept that gurl .but he said 'i dont want you to sacrifice for me ,just be yourself' because he know me more ,imma cry baby .

everyday ,i've told him .i love him much kay ? and he said a same thing *big smile :D 

*tearsdrop ,tataa .muchlove ,Myraa :)

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