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why you should cry baby ?
Saturday, February 4, 2012 | 2:17 AM | 0 comment

2.03 AM .i'm just past on the phone with my Abg Handsome .i didn't talk much .myb sebab dia tak sihat ,and dia pun macam nak taknak ja cakap .err .i don't know why .bila cakap pasal something *private .i was like .err .why i feel like #$%^&* .

and we talk ,but not as usual .manja ,ngada ngada ,gurau .semua takda -.-' and he also not in mood .he forced me to stop the call .and the voice ,i can detect ,he was angry .but .what i've do ? hmm .then i just silent and cried .and i know ,he never ever know i was cried .

i taksalah kan you .kayy ? actually ,i'm too jealous when we talked bout that .err .wanna sleep ,takecare ,good nyte ,iloveyou .mwahh .forgive me if i'm hurt you .and please forget it kay ? 

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