Amirra Najihah


missing you :/
Friday, March 16, 2012 | 2:31 AM | 0 comment

day 2 #2.20AM .hello Myra .clickclick .tadi i tido awal .pukul 8 order pizza .then dah makan semua .i terus tido .dalam pukul 9.30 .texting him .wishes like usual .err .takreply .haha .sokay lah sayang .start from now on ,it's up to you kayy ? but please don't force me to blablabla .

terjaga 1.10AM .just bbm with my sista .gossipping .err .can't sleep .i miss you .brr :/ himhimhim .you ,plese return back my heart .pheww .sorry for everything .and sila lah kekalkan ego you tu tinggi melangit .kayy ? i'm hurt .bye :'(

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