Amirra Najihah


that too much can hurt you so much :')
Monday, May 28, 2012 | 6:51 PM | 0 comment

do not love too much ,do not trust so much ,do not hope too much .cause that too much can hurt you so much .yeahh ,i am sad because of you .and i am hurt because of you .all because of you ,i am smile because of you .i am cry because of you .you hurt me ,you make me down ,you make me broken ,and i say stupid stuff ,and then take it back ,but put that all aside ,piss you off .

and i gave to you the second chance ,cause i know you really really need it .my heart broken ,and you merge it back .i trust you ,cause i love you .i need you .cause you are the only one .but you ? you make me be miserable :'( and i forget the past ,past is past ryte ? and now please ,be honest to me :'( kayy ?

*cuti sekolah nanti ,kita naik cameron okay ,and iloveyou :'(

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