Amirra Najihah


Tuesday, December 11, 2012 | 5:45 PM | 1 comment

assalamualaikum .okayy .saya dirumah ni .and terasa nak update blog .okayy .nak cerita pasal esok je .12/12/12 .the best date ever right ? sebab lepas ni dah takda 13/13/13 .tapi akan ada 11/12/13 .waa .but i wish nothing k nothing .eventhough i wish someone will be mine .haha .dreamed enough .huu .i know that won't happen to me .sebab takda sorang lelaki pun yang rapat dengan i .so ? haha .sad life much .takpe laa :D

tapi kan ,seriously bosan gila hidup sekarang ni .i've nobody .her ,my girl ? dah tak rapat dah .and i don't know what i've done to her .hee .biarlah ,kalau orang dah taknak kawan .takkan nak paksa .lagipun dia dah ada boyfriend kott .so semua masa dia untuk boyfriend dia lah .me ? hahaha -_- kadang kadang rasa macam tak guna dah pun ada .err .

saya takda sapa sapa pun .saya ada dia je .tapi dia dah ada .lol .haha .how sad my life .me hope ,you will miss me forever like the stars miss the sun in the morning sky .i admit ,i didn't fall too fast ,but me forgive too easily .believe ,what hurts me today ,makes me stronger tomorrow .but it takes to long .sometimes i tell myself that maybe i should just stop hoping ,you won't be mine .sometimes ,i think that i should stop chasing you ,if you cares ,you will chase me ,the right people who belong in you life will come to you and stay ,and if its meant to be ,it will be .

i need you ,i want you to stay in my life .i don't want you to ever forget about me ,don't leave me .err .apa eh ? sayang ? suka ? atau cinta ? but i love to be with you :( and my feelings for you never went away :') i wish you would realize how special you are to me ,i fell in love with you simply because you're you .and you ,i've convinced myself that i'm in love with you when it was all just a fantasy and that i need to come back to reality because i know we will never happen .i just dont wanna admit but were not gonna fit.

lastly ,me admit it ! i want a boyfriend who will give me their sweater when i'm cold .i want a boyfriend who will comfort when i'm down .i want a boyfriend who will kiss and hug me infront of his friends .i want a boyfriend who will ring me at 12 in the morning on my birthday and tell me that he never wants to lose me ,and me want a boyfriend who will love me for who i am .i hope ,one day you want me as much as i want you .when we first met ,i honestly had no idea that you would be so important to me .

dah lah ,malas nak cerita .lagipun i taktahu apa yang i merepek ni .and sick of this .sick of got with wrong guy .bye ,assalamualaikum :)

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