Amirra Najihah


am i stupid dumb dumb like dump ? :'/
Thursday, March 7, 2013 | 11:42 AM | 2 comment

assalamualaikum ,okay .first of all HAPPY BiRTHDAY AYAH ! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH ! :* sincerely ,from your daughters and sons :) may Allah bless you .thanks for everything that you've done for me and they .gave everything that we want .love you :) 

tak sabar nak makan malam ni .haha :P

okayy ,entry hari ni nak tulis pasal diri sendiri kot >.< err .am i stupid ? stupid for loving you ? stupid for waiting for you ? you that you don't even know that i've fall for you .since last year ? haha .should i give up ? serioulsy ,i'm tired of waiting ,waiting for you who are busy to get someone else's attention :') haha ,yeahh ,i'm stupid enough :'( 

but i can't accept the others .i can't pretend that i love him cause at the same time i'm waiting for you .haha .apa merepek ni woii -.- start from now on ,i wish i couldn't feel ,i wish couldn't love ,i wish that i could stop cause it hurts so much :) looks like perigi cari timba .lol -.- malu kan ? haha .i'll let you go ,but please don't you ever come back when i finally moved on for someone who deserves me better :')

sebab sebelum ni ,i pernah angan angan jadi hawek you .haha .hawek lah sangat .haha .cause you looks like have been gave me hopes :') can you just please go away from my life ,so i can't even hear your name your story and blablabla .i wish i could stop stop stop .stop for hoping fake hopes :'/ and should i be sad ? i've lost someone who didn't love me ,but he's lost someone who loved him .*tear drop* .bye ,assalamualaikum :')

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